Unfortunately car dealers who cheat, rip-off and scam customers are everywhere. Unless you are a master mechanic, buying a used car is a stressful process where sneaky dealers try to take advantage of you at every turn. Most used car purchases today are made “as is” and because of this, unless you receive some sort of warranty the dealer is not obligated to make repairs, even if something breaks five minutes after you drive off of the lot. This does not mean that dealer is free to lie, cheat, or steal during the transaction and then hide behind an “as is disclaimer; “as-is” is not a shield for fraud.

If you ask the dealer whether the vehicle was involved in an accident you should get an honest answer. A dealer cannot make false representations, material omissions, or lie about a vehicle’s history and then hide behind an “as-is” disclaimer. To do so is a violation of Florida’s Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act, Florida Statute 501.975 and may also qualify as fraud.

I’m Aldo Bolliger, a Disabled American Veteran, a Small Business Owner and A Regular Guy.  If you think you were cheated, ripped-off or defrauded by a car dealer, call me today for free advice.

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