Florida’s Lemon Law covers defective vehicles and is contained in Florida Statute 681.101 and is officially titled the “Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act”.

In order to qualify for relief under the Act you must have purchased or leased a new car, light truck, or recreational vehicle (RV). Unfortunately, used vehicles do not qualify under the lemon law, nor do vehicles with a GVWR weight of more than 10.000 pounds. Only four wheeled vehicles qualify, motorcycles, mopeds, boats and airplanes are excluded. The vehicle must be within the first two years of the date it was purchased or leased and the claim must be officially filed no later than 60 days after that two-year sale or lease date.

If your vehicle is not covered by Florida’s lemon law or is beyond the two year statute, don’t panic, there may be other laws at your disposal. For example, there is federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which covers any consumer product costing $25.00 or more. Under this Act, defects in any consumer product, including cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, computers and other electronics that arise up to four years from the date of purchase or even the last repair on the product are covered. Additionally, under this Act there is no requirement that the product had to be purchased new.

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