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Manufacturers hire skilled attorneys to defend Lemon Law actions. Lemon Laws can be complicated and obtaining relief is not simple. Hire a firm that has represented hundreds of consumers in Lemon Law Cases. Under State Lemon Laws and Federal Law you may be entitled to a refund or cash damages as compensation for your lemon product. No attorney fees are charged to you; under the law the manufacturer pays not you. Do not let manufacturers take advantage of you by selling you a lemon product.

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If you are injured due to the fault of another, do not hesitate to call!

Attorney Aldo Bolliger has represented hundreds of injury victims involved in automobile and motorcycle accidents as well as a result of defective products or dangerous premises.

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There are many fraudulent and unfair business practices that auto dealers use to literally rob people with a pen. Unfortunately, many victims of these unfair dealer practices do not even realize that someone has taken advantage of them. For those who do, there is hope. Working with an experienced consumer fraud attorney can help right the wrongs.

Take a look at THIS LIST of the most common scams experienced by car buyers, and contact us if you believe you have been defrauded.

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